Mar 12, 2010


Yesterday was one long day.  It started at 4:30 in the morning.  Way too early for me.  I might be slowly getting used to getting up in the morning but not that early!  We had to be there at 5:15 for his surgery that was actually scheduled for 7:30.

The nurses were all really nice.  But what amazed was their hospital gowns.  Yes they still open up in the back.  Too make up for this indignity though, they now have gowns that has a hose attached to hit to pump in hot air.  There have been some times that I would have killed that technology for my house.  Even if I had to wear one of those silly gowns.  The sacrifices I make in seeking heat.

The husband made it thru surgery with flying colors.  He came out of surgery at 10:00 and then was in recovery for a couple hours before I was able to go back and see him.  He looked so pale and out of it.  I took a pic of him in recovery but I don't want to be shot so I don't think that I should put it up.

The rest of the afternoon was interesting.  He would wake up for an hour and then go back to bed for another four.  The husband was thinking that he was only going to be out of work for a couple weeks.  Now it has finally dawned on him that this was a major surgery and it will take some time for him to heal.

Wish me luck in surviving his healing.  So far he has been good but I am sure that all the restrictions will start to wear on him.  When that happens, I am sure that he will become rather bitchy.


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