Mar 7, 2010

Week In Review 3-01-10 to 3-07-10

Hello everyone!

I almost feel as I could skip this review as not a lot happened that was interesting but since I am trying to develop a new habit I thought that I had better.  Did you know that to make a habit your own that you need to do it daily for 8 weeks.  Since I only do this update weekly, goodness knows how long it will take.

My health this week for the most part has been pretty good.  One thing that happened that was interesting to me was the way that my fibro adhesions moved from  lower back up to my shoulder blades.  This has been  causing a lot of pain when I attempt to use my arms which is all the time.  I am kinda curious as whether the acupuncture could be causing this.  If so, then I need to cease the acupuncture if it continues.

On the home front, everything is the same.  We are waiting for DH's surgery so hopefully he will be fixed.  He is in quite a bit of pain so it makes everything interesting.

I hope that everyone has a great week!


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