Apr 17, 2010

Review: Wild Fire

I have to admit that Christine Feehan is very hit and miss with me.  I really enjoyed her Carpathian novels in the beginning but they started to seem like they were all the same with just the names being changed.  However I love her Ghost Hunters and Leopard novels.  See what I mean hit and miss?

WILD FIRE is one of her Leopard novels, in fact it is forth in the series.  The one centers around Connor, who has appeared in WILD RAIN, and his mate Isabeau.
They parted under less the loving circumstances when she discovered that she was actually part of a job.  Now another job is bringing them back together.

WILD FIRE is my favorite so far of this series.  In this book, Ms Feehan has brought in the para-military theme in which the leopards work as a team on missions that they have accepted the contracts for.  I find that this theme adds depth to the story and to the characters.  I really hope that she continues along the same lines especially as I would love to read the stories of the rest of the team.

I would have to rate this book a 4.  Yeah it's just that enjoyable.


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