May 31, 2010

Contest: Win a Kindle

I have to admit that I have been eyeing a Kindle from Amazon for quite a while.  It just seems that a more important use for the money will come up just when I have the cash available.  Well author Tina Pinson is having a great contest where she is giving away two Kindles and free downloads of her book IN THE MANOR OF A GHOST!  What a great contest and wonderful prizes!

To get further details and to enter click here.

Good luck everyone!
May 30, 2010

Contest: Gorgeous Beads

Are you like me and absolutely love beads?  I am just getting into lampwork beads and I have to admit that the skill of some of the people that create these beads simply blows me away.  Laura Sparling is one such that I am in total awe of and she is running a wonderful contest on her blog for the beads shown above.  Be sure to head over and enter for yourself.

Giveaway: Seventh Generation

If you are concerned about all the toxin that one can find in household cleansers then check out this contest.

Good luck!
May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

I am really looking forward to this long weekend.  Gives me time to recharge from this last week.  The doc put me on some new drugs to help out my legs and my inflamed tendons and boy do they knock for a loop.  Just make me want to curl up and take a nap.  What is funny is that instructions from the doc is to take them at bedtime but reading the instructions about the medication says to take them with food and not to lay down for at least 30 minutes after taking.  I decided that it was best to follow the directions on the meds themselves.

We are going to have a fairly quiet weekend.  Saje have the next couple days off so we get to see each other.  It's funny that when he was home for surgery I was kinda looking forward to him going back to work so that I would have some time alone in the house and now I miss him.  But anyways, it is cold and rainy so with the exception of going out to dinner with some friends, we are planning to just relax and recharge.

This also a melancholy weekend for me.  A year ago, my cat Dami died on Memorial Day and I spent that weekend loving him as I knew he didn't have much time left with me.  He got diabetes and flat refused to eat.  I wasn't going to force him to live by continually force feeding it as he hated it so.  So that weekend I told him goodbye.  He was only 9 but he was done.  He had been a really good cat, always so polite.  In fact if one of the animals had done something wrong we just knew that it was Dami if it wasn't polite.  Not that he was perfect but if it wasn't polite then he wasn't the culpurt.

So what is everyone doing this holiday weekend?

Oh and don't forget the contest!  It's going to be ending on Monday and there are hardly any entries.
May 22, 2010


I will never understand why big corporations are so big about breaking people up into teams and then six months later reshuffle them.  It seems to me that it takes at least a couple months for everyone to start working well together then as the team grows closer and starts to build upon each other someone gets the bright idea to start the process all over again.

They are going to do that to us at work.  We have a good team.  We all like, respect and help each other out.  But around June 22nd (to anyone's best guess) they are scrambling shifts and teams again.  So we decided to all get together offsite at least once.  The chosen activity was a Mariner's game last night.  It was cold, wet and rainy but I had a really good time.  I am going to miss this team and I really hope that I can get a good shift that will enable me to stay with most of them.  I have some seniority built up so I just might succeed.
May 20, 2010

Is it really spring?

The weather in Washington in rather strange.  Today sure reminded me of fall.  The temperatures dropped and we had driving rain.  When the weather flips like this, it really effects my fibromyalgia.  I went in for my weekly massage and I still feel as though I have the flu with all my muscles chiming in.  I really need to move to a warmer, dryer climate.  I have been pushing for Arizona for years as my mother lives there and well she is getting older.  I almost died of shock when my husband finally agreed.  Now if only the company I work for would set up an office there.  On days like today, I just know that I would transfer in a hot second.

Perfect day to curl up with a good hot cuppa tea and catching up on blogs.  Today I am drinking a 1st Flush Darjeeling.  Now I understand why this tea is called the 'champagne of teas'.  One way to brighten up a gloomy day.  The other was to look through my clip art to find something springey to share.  I hope that you enjoy.
May 19, 2010

I like Free!

And when I came across a site that has free tutorials/ patterns for almost any craft you can think of, I just had to share.   Check it out!

May 18, 2010

Great Contest for Free Beads

One of my favorite designers is running a contest on his blog for some free beads.  Be sure to check it out here.
May 17, 2010

Pet Peeves

We all have them but I had one of my buttons pushed today.  I was having a discussion with my husband and he hung up on me.  I called him right back & made some threats in what was actually a pleasant tone.  Have to watch out for me when I speak in that oh so sweet tone.  His excuse was that he didn't want to yell at me and the few seconds that it took for me to call back allowed him to calm down.  Personally I would have rather that he yelled.  I absolutely hate being hung up on but I can sure yell back.

I have a few other pet peeves also.  They include people calling me for information without a way to write it down, cars with their music up so loud that it rattles the windows in my house,  drivers that seem to think that they need to 25 mph on the freeway when it rains (this is washington, it always rains), adult that have little or no control over their kids and folks that are just plain rude.  Do you have any that you would like to share?

Oh and the bee above..well I think that it is rude when they buzz me but that is more of a phobia
May 16, 2010

Doesn't Deserve a Raise

This post was written to enter my husband into a contest. Please vote for us here.

My husband doesn’t deserve a raise. Or so we must assume. It’s not as though he’s trained 70-80% of his co-workers, both seasonal and permanent, including several of his supervisors. He wasn’t appointed the (unofficial) “Head trainer,” which, apparently, confers a great deal of responsibility but no actual upgrade in pay or official status. Nor is he known as the “go-to” guy when it comes to knowing what is and is not sold at his store, or where it might be found. He’s not the unofficial store directory that even the supervisors and managers rely on to find things.

He wasn’t tapped to do the job of a supervisor for nearly a year, when they didn’t have enough supervisors to go around and needed someone to run the closing crew night after night. He doesn’t greet every customer with a smile, and go out of his way to help them find what they’re looking for—even if it means crossing the store to do it. He doesn’t walk 5 to 7 miles a day and often out-maneuver people half his age. They don’t look up to him as an (unofficial) supervisor, go to him with questions regarding stuff inside and outside his ordinary job description, or rise to the occasion to make sure he can juggle his constantly shifting load of responsibility.

It’s not as though he’s been nominated several times for employee of the month, having missed it by a single vote on numerous occasions. It’s not as though he’s earned the respect of nearly every one of the supervisors and managers because he’s always willing to go that extra step to make sure a customer or fellow employee gets the assistance they need.

And it’s not as though he received the acclaim of his co-workers when he dislocated his arm and continued working while waiting for surgery, not only keeping up with many younger co-workers, but doing so with only one usable arm.

My husband doesn’t deserve a raise because he’ll continue to work his heart out day after day even for the pittance he’s being paid, despite knowing that he’ll never be more than a peon because they’re not longer promoting supervisors from within the company—because they know he’ll keep doing what he does best for the pay he’s getting now or what few cents they see fit to throw his direction.

He started working in retail in order to defeat his shyness, a social reticence that bordered on a phobia. Who has always pushed himself to do a little better, to be a little better person, day by day.

This is the man who, on his days off, has dinner waiting for me when I get home. Who pitches in and does the dishes and laundry without being asked. Who supports me in everything I do with very few reservations.
And no, despite all of this, I’m not saying he’s a perfect man. He is, however, a genuinely good man. Thoughtful, empathetic, and passionate about helping people in what small ways he can.

If it were in my power to give him a raise, I would. If it were in my power to make his employer give him a real raise rather than the pennies they threw to him this time, I would. But I can’t. So all I can do is put it out to the universe to pay him back a little for all he does.

I love him, and he deserves more than he gets. A whole lot more.
May 12, 2010

Don't Forget

The contest I am running for the Amazon Gift Certificate.

Review: Bullet

One good thing about reviewing books is the fact that I get them early.  This is one book that I have really been waiting for especially after reading Ms. Hamilton's blog about her killing off a character.  I know that a lot of people have been wondering just who she killed off but I am not going to give off any spoilers here.

Things are really starting to get hectic in Anita's world, especially after they discover that their worst enemy is no longer confined to just one body.  The good news however is that apparently Richard has been able to overcome some of his issues.  This is a really good thing as to defeat this danger, a lot of people are going to need to overcome things that have been holding them back.

This book was both enjoyable and a disappointment at the same time.  After the last book, FLIRT, I was hoping that we were getting away some from the sex and more into the horror.  On the other hand, the story was rather good and the sex for the most part enhanced rather then detracted from the plot. 

I am giving it a rating of 3.5.
May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I know that it is a little late but I wanted to wish all the mothers out there a day to remember.  I hope that all of you were totally spoiled by your kids and significant others.  Oh and for the record, in my mind kids can be human or animal. 

My husband and myself actually had a disagreement about that today.  Someone on Facebook had posted to wish everyone with furkids a happy mother's day and he became quite offended by it.  I advised him that with as much care as I give my animals, it would be nice if he picked me up a Mother's Day card.  I really think that I took him back with that.

Today was also my ninth anniversary.   We didn't go out and do anything as we had celebrated it when we went up to Seattle.  We did go out to Point Defiance Park with BeiJing and walk along Owen's Beach.  She is so good with other dogs and loves to greet them.  Though she was rather confused when she came across a Min-Pin that wasn't her.  The look she gave me was priceless.

I also checked out the off leash park there at the park.  I had never been there though I had seen the signs for this one.  The only off leash parks have been too are all fenced in and are like a baseball field.  This one had paths going thru the forest,  I really enjoyed it except for all the hills.  BeiJing enjoyed it all of course.
May 8, 2010

Review: Dead In The Family

I have been a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books from the very beginning.  I love Ms. Harris' light touch with the horror, the southern humor and Sookie herself.  I also very much enjoy HBO's True Blood which is based off of these novels. 

Now I normally give a quick recap of the first few chapters but in this case I will skip as that would be giving a lot of the story away.  I will say that DEAD IN THE FAMILY isn't my favorite of the Sookie books.  It felt as though it was just cleaning up loose ends from the last book.  In my mind a good many of those should have been cleaned up last time.  I don't regret reading it but I sure hope that with Ms. Harris' next novel she is back on her game.  I rate this book a 3.
May 6, 2010

Contest Time!

After due consideration, especially of my photography skills, I have come to the conclusion that I will be giving away a $25 Amazon gift certificate.  That way the winner can decide just what they wish to have.  Now I guess that I need to establish some ground rules.

  • Contest ends May 31, 2010
  • Must include your email address in all your comment entries.
  • Must follow my blog for one entry
  • For an additional entry, tell us about your favorite book and why.
  • For another additional entry, share this contest your blog and post the URL
Thanks it.  Good luck everyone.
May 5, 2010

Where oh Where

Is the month of May?  It has been either cloudy or very windy since the beginning.  If we did have any May flowers I am pretty sure that they have blown away.

Oh and stay tuned.  I will be announcing the contest tomorrow!
May 1, 2010


I hope that everyone has a Blessed Beltaine!  This happens to be one of my favorite Sabbats.  It is all about love, passion and being fruitful.  I don't know about the being fruitful part but I am all for the other two.  Personally I think that this world would be a better place if there was more love and passion. 

For folks in the Puget Sound region, don't forget that TERRA will be hosting a Beltaine celebration and there is also another one at Crescent Moon Gifts.  They both look to be great and I might be bouncing between the two.

For folks that are curious, I also included a link to a book that explains a lot about the sabbat and another for some great music for today.

Today also happens to be my one year anniversary of this blog.  I plan on having a contest later this week.  I am not sure what the prize will be though.  I am bouncing back and forth between books or some jewelery I have made.  What do you think?