May 1, 2010


I hope that everyone has a Blessed Beltaine!  This happens to be one of my favorite Sabbats.  It is all about love, passion and being fruitful.  I don't know about the being fruitful part but I am all for the other two.  Personally I think that this world would be a better place if there was more love and passion. 

For folks in the Puget Sound region, don't forget that TERRA will be hosting a Beltaine celebration and there is also another one at Crescent Moon Gifts.  They both look to be great and I might be bouncing between the two.

For folks that are curious, I also included a link to a book that explains a lot about the sabbat and another for some great music for today.

Today also happens to be my one year anniversary of this blog.  I plan on having a contest later this week.  I am not sure what the prize will be though.  I am bouncing back and forth between books or some jewelery I have made.  What do you think?


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