May 20, 2010

Is it really spring?

The weather in Washington in rather strange.  Today sure reminded me of fall.  The temperatures dropped and we had driving rain.  When the weather flips like this, it really effects my fibromyalgia.  I went in for my weekly massage and I still feel as though I have the flu with all my muscles chiming in.  I really need to move to a warmer, dryer climate.  I have been pushing for Arizona for years as my mother lives there and well she is getting older.  I almost died of shock when my husband finally agreed.  Now if only the company I work for would set up an office there.  On days like today, I just know that I would transfer in a hot second.

Perfect day to curl up with a good hot cuppa tea and catching up on blogs.  Today I am drinking a 1st Flush Darjeeling.  Now I understand why this tea is called the 'champagne of teas'.  One way to brighten up a gloomy day.  The other was to look through my clip art to find something springey to share.  I hope that you enjoy.


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