May 22, 2010


I will never understand why big corporations are so big about breaking people up into teams and then six months later reshuffle them.  It seems to me that it takes at least a couple months for everyone to start working well together then as the team grows closer and starts to build upon each other someone gets the bright idea to start the process all over again.

They are going to do that to us at work.  We have a good team.  We all like, respect and help each other out.  But around June 22nd (to anyone's best guess) they are scrambling shifts and teams again.  So we decided to all get together offsite at least once.  The chosen activity was a Mariner's game last night.  It was cold, wet and rainy but I had a really good time.  I am going to miss this team and I really hope that I can get a good shift that will enable me to stay with most of them.  I have some seniority built up so I just might succeed.


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