Jun 28, 2010

Review: World Spice Golden Monkey

There are some days where nothing seems to satisfy.

As my older readers well know, I am a huge tea drinker.  I am such a lover of the leaf that I even review over at Teaviews (which is a great review site to work with so if anyone loves tea check them out),  Currently I am also involved with a tea tasted for 2nd Flush Darjeelings from Lochan Tea.  So this was a roundabout way to say that yes I drink a lot of tea.  In fact, I tried three different teas today and none of them were satisfying.

So in steps Golden Monkey from World Spice.  They are located in Seattle Washington however they do ship anywhere.  When it comes to black unflavored teas, I have found that I really gravitate to ones with gold in the name.  It could be a Golden Tips or a Golden Monkey.  I have found that they also tend to be the pricier black teas.  Imagine my surprise when I stumbled over World Spice Merchants when myself and the DH were wandering around.  I found their Golden Monkey and since it was only $6.00 a ounce, I opted to try it out.  I immediately feel in love.  There is no astringency to be found and it has rich chocolate undertones.  All in all, an excellent tea that stands up to other Golden Monkeys that I have tried and cost considerably less.  It has become a staple in my cupboard.

Oh and yes, the Golden Monkey was the forth tea that I have tried today and I am very happily sipping away.


  1. I love the names that some of the teas have -- Golden Monkey just evokes something exotic and a little fun, you know?


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