Jul 2, 2010

And another year passes....

Today is/was my birthday.  I have gotten to where it is mainly just another day but I do like to count my blessings.  This post however seems to be more about rambling.  Fitting considering the name of the blog and well...I just don't ramble a lot...

Oh don't get me wrong...we did go do some stuff.  I usually go out to Duke's for dinner, either with friends or with my husband when he is off.  They have this fantastic email club that gives you a coupon for dinner for your birthday.  They also send out by one get one free coupons throughout the year.  Seriously, if you live in the Tacoma/Seattle area and love salmon, sign up. (and no I wasn't paid nor do I get anything if you sign up.  I just love the place) 

Got up this morning and went to Denny's for breakfast.  Not the fanciest place or the best but again I had a coupon.  We tend to eat out a lot and those coupons make it possible. Another good thing to have is the Entertainment Book.  I get one every year.  We don't use it to its full capacity but we do get a lot of use out of it to go places we have never been too.  Found a few favorites that way.

It has been a rainy day off and on.  During one of the good periods, we went down to the waterfront with BeiJing and Boo.  I think the combo wasn't the best.  Both dogs walk like a dream for me, but they are both focused on me.  And well, you can't really tether an eight pound dog and a fifty-five pound dog together.  So anyways,  the walk really was enjoyable.  I do love the water.  It both gives me power and refreshes me. 

After that, I got to sit and play on the computer while the DH cleaned the kitchen and prepped dinner.  I wanted stir-fry for dinner.  I did the actual cooking but it was nice to just have the time to relax.

And now...well hopefully a massage..

Oh I will count a couple blessings :)

  • My husband...  Going on 10 years now.  Though there are times..I wouldn't trade him for the world.
  • My animals...with all their issues they create, the love they give is so worth it.
  • My friends.. I don't connect with people easily and I have a bad habit of turning into a recluse.. and they still put up with,
  • My job...  yeah it might seem strange but I actually like my job.  It might be a large corporation but they treat you like a person
Oh yeah...massage.


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