Jul 7, 2010

Contest: Affordable Scarves

Do you like scarves?  I know that I love all their bright colors even though my neck is too short to wear them properly... But as a wrap?  Oh my they are perfect for our weather that can't seem to make up its mind.

Well One 2 Try is running a contest where there will be 2 winners for the scarves of your choice.  Just click here to check out the rules.


  1. Funny -- I like to KNIT them because I can drop them and run after my seven year old's every whim (sigh) without really losing my place -- but I don't often wear them. Sometimes in the winter I'll wear one instead of a coat (I hate coats, but that's another story).

    You didn't ask for all that info, now, did you? :-)

  2. Oh I am with you on hating coats. I just don't like all the bulk so I wear lots of sweaters in the winter and shawls are great on top of them.

    I wish that I could knit. There are so many beautiful sweaters out there. I can crochet up a storm but I can't get my left hand to cooperate for the knitting part..lol


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