Jul 15, 2010

Review: Heroes Return

Lately my tastes have been all over the place so when I found a fantasy I grabbed it.  I am normally pretty anal about reading books in a series in order but I didn't have the rest of this series.  Now I admit that my review might have been different if I had read the previous books but I do feel that even a book in a series should be able to stand on its own.

HEROES RETURN is a fantasy set in a world where natural disasters are the norm and they have adapted by having bonded pairs Shields and Sources work to drain off the energies before they harm anyone.  One such pair is Lee and Taro.  They have recently been assigned to Taro's birthplace which is unheard of.  And what they walked into...

This book was slow reading but it remaining interesting enough that I did persevere.  I found that it lacked in character development.   The author might have felt that she covered all of that in earlier books but I need to see it each and every book.  The ending was also a disappointment.  It felt rushed as though the author was coming upon her word limit and had be finish it quickly.  Not a book that I would recommend.

I rate it a 2.5


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