Jul 1, 2010

Review: The Hollow Crown

Yay!  Today is the first day of my vacation and I finally have some time to type up this review of a book that I finished the other day.  I have been following this series, Crosspointe Chronicles,  by Ms. Francis ever since I stumbled across The Cipher back in 2007.  So far the series has evolved by focusing on two main characters in each novel and building the story arc in that fashion.

I have been really pleased with each book I have read and THE HOLLOW CROWN has been no exception.  This book focuses on Princess Margaret Rampling and Nicholas Weverton who has been working his entire life to end the rule of the Ramplings.  Princess Margaret has always been thought a piece of fluff when in all reality she was her father's spy and assassin.  Now that her father has been killed she has been working behind the scenes with her brothers to take down the regent.  Now she discovers that the regent has kidnapped then unknown son of his ally Nicholas.  Margaret does what the Ramplings do best and offers to help Nicholas recover his son.  In doing so, she discovers many things about him that she admires and perhaps more.

Each book is fully capable of standing on its own but I do recommend starting from the beginning as this world's history is rich and you wouldn't want to miss a thing,

I rate this book a 4.5 out of 5.


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