Jul 18, 2010

There oughtta be a law

Once a year, my employers treats us to a BBQ and a day at Wild Waves which is the local water park.  It is always a blast to play in the water and just have an all around good time. And in the past, myself and my husband go, spend about 6 hours playing and come home exhausted.  And in the past, I always used sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and I don't get burnt.

Well today we went, had a friend and her kids join us, spent 5 1/2 hours there.  I barely got wet this time, used SPF 100 and I have a sunburn.  I mean where is the logic?  You are supposed to get burnt worse when you are wet and I used a stronger sunscreen.  There just oughtta be a law against such illogic.

Oh yeah and I had a blast!


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