Aug 10, 2010

Minor Emergency

We had a minor emergency last night.  My Jindo decided to protect one of the cats as I was cleaning his eyes and attacked Boo who came too close.  I managed to pull Jing off right away but Boo was still hurt.  In fact, I was scared that she was going to loose an eye.  After spending several hours at the puppy emergency room, I was relieved to be told that it was only traumatic uveitis.  Good news but boy did her eye look bad.  I wish that I had taken a picture as today a lot of the swelling has gone down.  Steroids to the rescue.  She still looks miserable in her little cone.

It's cases like this that really show me where my priorities lay.  The money that I ended up spending was earmarked for a bill but I didn't think twice about spending it on my dog.  She is part of my family and my special pup.  I just want to know though why they charge $17.00 for four tramadol when you can get 90 at Target for $4.00.


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