Aug 26, 2010

Out with the old....

As everyone knows, I am moving and I will be setting a new studio that will have its own room.  Yay!  A whole room to myself.  I have most of my current studio packed up and I just wanted to share some pics that I had taken before I started the tear down.  I had half of the front room and everything was set up on two 6" tables, a file cabinet and an old computer desk

Crystals, seed bead hanks & beads left over from projects

Main storage table.  Drawers full of gemstones, the red organizers have metals. Basket has more metal & metal box has strands of gemmies.

Ceramic bowl made by a friend that contains knotting supplies.

Another picture of bowl.

Organized gemmies.

Studio Mascot sitting on top of basket full of wires.

Another Mascot, Deja' & computer desk full of overflow.

Work table

File cabinet where I stash products and a dresser full of papers


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