Aug 17, 2010

Review: The Protected

I had a friend at work come up to me recently telling me that I just had to read this book.  Now mind you, I have more then enough books to read but she was determined that I at least try this book.  I have to admit that I am glad that she was so adamant.

The star of THE PROTECTED is Skye Taylor.  Technically she is blind, and not just legally, yet she is able to see in full spectrum light.  After she is laid off, Skye finds herself drawn to Belfaire Washington which is definitely a one horse town.  Once there she discovers more about herself then she ever dreamed of including the fact that she isn't human.

THE PROTECTED was a very interesting read and a series that I intend on following.  There were a couple issues that bugged me such as some glitches in the content editing and the fact that it based too heavily on the Christian mythos to totally comfortable for an old pagan like myself.  But the storyline itself was good enough to overcome these niggles.

I rate this book a 3.2


  1. Sounds interesting. I like that you were able to overcome your personal views and give the story a chance.

    I got jumped all over for my intense dislike of The Golden Compass series because I felt they were killing God, and that made me squirm. I also hated the main character for other reasons. But I got set upon by wolves for saying that. HOWEVER, I read all three books, gave it a chance, was open to other discussions, and saw different points of views.

    Then I tried to read The Shack, which is VERY Christian. My relationship with God is very complicated. I hate organized religion but have a deep love of God, but it's personal and I don't talk about it. I hated The Shack and when I told my mom it was like I'd blasphemed. But again, I was able to listen to their views (her Sunday School class read it and did it like a book club).

    I think it says a lot when someone will not only give a book a chance, but will listen to dissenting views (as long as they're not screaming at me!) -- but I still reserve the right to my own views.

    WHEW! I wrote a book!

    (PS -- you wrote a great post).

  2. Oh I love a good debate but the important thing about a debate is not to let it get personal. As far as books, each and every review is a personal opinion and I really appreciate it when folks remember that.

    I think that if my mother tried to scream at me about one of my opinions, there would be a war on her


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