Sep 21, 2010

Contest: Tillamook Cheese

I love cheese.  I am pretty sure that everything is better with cheese.  Well maybe not everything, I am not too sure that ice cream would work well with grated cheese.  My favorite brand of cheese made in America is Tillamook cheese so when I saw that Sweeps4Bloggers is holding a contest for tillamook cheese, I just had to enter and I wanted to share the contest.  Click here for more info.


  1. I love cheese too but have to be good with my diet!

  2. Oh my, yes! I LOVE cheese! All sorts of cheese.... while living in BC, Canada, I fell in love with red cheddar, and so many cheeses that we cannot get here in Australia! So unfair! I thought it VERY STRANGE that people would eat apple pie with cheese in it... until I tried it. But then, Down Under, we also like cheese and jam (jelly) sandwiches, and cheese and vegemite sandwiches! I so love your part of the world!
    hugs from a new follower from Down Under,


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