Sep 8, 2010

Fall Already?!?

Acer triflorum fall leavesImage via Wikipedia
No the trees aren't changing yet but when I woke up this morning it was to grey skies and there was a lot of liquid sunshine coming down.  I guess that it really is getting towards that time of the year.  But we had such a late start to the summer that I was really hoping that we would get an Indian summer.  However it doesn't appear as I will get lucky, this year at least. I know that for a lot of people fall is their favorite time of the year.  I just don't happen to be one of them.  Though I am just glad that the rain held off until we had everything moved.

Speaking of the move, everything is coming together slowly.  Saje is putting things away upstairs.  I haven't been able to start on my studio yet as it needs to have one of the walls finished up with drywall.  That is supposed to be happening sometime this next week.  I sure hope that it happens quickly as I need to complete some jewelry as prizes in the blog crawl that I signed up for.

Oh I got some surprising news on Monday night.  My mother called (I can be really bad about keeping in touch) to let me know that she had gotten married...a month ago.  I guess that I am not the only one bad about keeping in contact.  I let her know about the house too and suggested that a good way to keep up with me would be to read this blog.  We shall have to see if she does.

So anyways, how is your week going?  Does it look as though fall is invading your area already?


  1. That's incredible that your Mum got married and didn't even tell you before the event!

    There are definitely signs of fall - some of the flower beds need cleaning up. But our leaves don't turn color for a few weeks yet.

  2. If only my mom was bad about keeping in touch... seriously. Twice a day - no fail except for emergencies... If I don't report to them by 10:30am on the way to the office, they call me... If I don't report to back again before 8pm on the way home, they usually wake me up after I go to bed to make sure I made it home... The only way I get out of it is if someone is on the phone and I get to leave a message... As I get older, it gets worse, not better...

    Fall is definately here.... leaves are red and falling - yet I still need to mow grass, ugh!


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