Sep 15, 2010

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I swear that coming up with titles for this blog is the hardest part.  My mind always goes blank.  And when I do manage to come up with one, half the time it doesn't really work.  I know that is my fault because I do tend to ramble on and jump about. 

Spent this morning checking out the BlogMania.  I found some really great blogs that I followed and some others that I followed that I will be unfollowing after the drawings.  I have to shake my head and wonder why someone would make being a follower a requirement to enter a contest.  All it does is make more work the people entering if the blog is really not something that one would be interested in anyways.  The blog crawl did its job for sure.  I probably found about 30 to 40 new blogs that I will keep following.

The refuse mafia finally delivered our garbage/recycling cans.  It only took 5 calls to get them to do their job.  I really wish that there would be some way to charge them for all the time that I wasted keeping after them.    No matter...they finally showed up.

Now I am researching composting.  I didn't realize that I could use composted earth (or whatever you would call it) for houseplants.  I plan on getting house plants.  I have lived for 5 years in a house so dark that I couldn't grow anything.  This new house is so much lighter.  I will have house plants even if it kills me.  I even found a banana plant that I am considering getting.

I really am good at wandering off the train of thought.  So I am wandering around the internet trying to decide between a compost pile or a worm bin.  If anyone out there has experience. which would you recommend?

Eeeks.. I guess that I had better go put clothes away.  It was great chatting with you.

Til later!


  1. Hello Shaiha...

    I wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment during is appreciated as I participated in Blogmania as part of a team not as an individual!
    I'm happy you like my charm bracelet, I love making them!!!
    Thank you...


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