Oct 17, 2010


I was shocked to find when I went thru my comments that I had won an award.  It was given to me by Willow at Confessions of a Country Witch.  She  has a great blog that I really enjoy reading.  Now of course there are requirements to this award and while I am not going to pass it on simply because most of the blogs that I follow don't accept awards, I did want to post the seven unknown things about me.

1.  When my now husband first came over to my apartment, he was shocked that the only tv I owned was a little 10" black and white.  And I had no cable as I didn't watch it.

2.  My favorite flower is a peach rose.

3.  I love to buy shoes but absolutely hate to wear them.

4.  I can't stand the taste of coffee but I have been told that I make a good cup.  Must be from all those years of waitressing.

5.  My favorite colors are black and teal.

6.  I get along much better with animals then I do with humans.  They tend to be better listeners.

7.  One of my totems is the black panther.

This was fun.  Though I have to admit that I really had to think about things to share that were too out there.

Brightest Blessings!


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