Oct 19, 2010

Crossing My Fingers

Well they finally posted it at work.  My dream job has always been to work from home.  I have never been that particular about the kind of work, just something that I am jump into the shower and then jump into it all without going outside.  Well now I have my chance.

My current job involves acting as a consultant trying to make sure that those services will be a good fit for their communication and entertainment needs. I really enjoy the work and I am good at it.  And I really enjoy the company and have worked for them for going on eight years.  To make it my perfect job...well there is that bit about not leaving the house.

They have offered the 'at home' positions before but I do have an opinionated Pom so it just wouldn't have been a good fit for at that time.  Well they offered them up again and while yes I still have the opinionated Pom, I also have a basement bedroom that I can use so that I will be away from the aforementioned Pom.  So I applied.  And I have my fingers crossed. 

The only downside that I can see is that bedroom was where I was planning on setting up my lampwork/enamel/fusing room.  Guess that I get to take over the garage now.

Cross your fingers that I will get accepted for me!


  1. Good luck on your dream job! I think it is a good idea to have a dedicated room as somewhere "to go to work". Best news is you don't have to dress up or burn gas! Pearl


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