Oct 5, 2010

Is it friday yet???

Just because it makes me smile.
It is already turning out to be one of those weeks that seem neverending.  I know that part of my stress factor is the fact that I am not doing so good in sales this month and if I don't kick it up big time my commission paycheck is going to be pretty sorry.  And that is something that just can't happen.  Especially now that we have the new house.  I love my house but there is that stress factor.  It would help if hubby brought home more money but he is retail and they are cutting hours.  I know that it will get better as we get closer to Christmas though.

Christmas is truly going to be a trip this year.  We don't do Christmas in this house as both my husband and myself tend to go more for giving each other experiences then we do gifts.  But this year we will have one of his sons coming up for a couple weeks.  We were going to get him an I-Pod Touch as a gift but apparently said son, Logan, instead wants to go to Costa Rico with his class this coming spring.  So instead he wants to put that money towards that.  But still we need to get him something.  What do you get for a 13 year old?  I don't have kids so I am always confuddled when it comes to that.  Any suggestions would be great.

I finally went into see my rheumatologist (I know that is spelled incorrectly but not even my spell check can figure it out) about the added pain and swelling and all that jazz.  He thinks that it is just my fibro reacting with the change in the seasons.  He might very well be right.  I hope that it improves but he did give me some pain pills for the bad days.  Not very many so I will have to ration them.  Oh and not overdo it when I am on them.  I have done that before and it isn't a lot of fun the next day.

I have been trying to figure out a costume for the Witch's Ball this year.  I have to admit that I usually don't bother and just wear ritual garb because I am always so busy there trying to make everything run smoothly.  It's funny.  Last year was my first year just to kick back and enjoy the Ball because I wasn't on the board of Terra or anything of the sort.  So what did I do?  Helped out.  So many people knew me as the Chair that they came to me with their issues.  This year I am back on the board.  I had a year break and just couldn't resist going back for more punishment.  Now what was I saying.  Oh yeah costumes.  I have narrowed it down to a couple.  Which one would you choose?

Well I have probably blathered on enough especially as they say to keep a blog post short and sweet.

Oh one last thing though.  That Sony Reader that I was raving about went back to the store today.  It kept locking up.  Now I know why they came out with a new model.  So I am going to break down and get it as I really enjoyed having my books right at hand.

Brightest Blessings All!


  1. Gee you've had a tough week, haven't you. I can certainly relate to the stress factor as I go through it myself ~ one heck of a pain in my back each month, ouch!

    Ah, the 13yr old is a tough one, especially if he's willing to trade an ipod for a trip, wow! Not your average young man, that's for sure. Maybe a guide book or maps of Costa Rica with a pair of portable binoculars? Or a suitcase of his very own for the trip? Just a couple of thoughts.

    Love the costumes, they're all fabulous! Personally I like the last one best, love the sleeves. ;D

    I hope your weekend is relaxing and perfect after a long week.


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