Oct 16, 2010

Review: Fallen by Erin McCarthy

New Orleans, 1840s. Sent to watch over the decadent city, the angel Gabriel loses himself in the liquid pleasure of absinthe. So when his mistress, Anne, is murdered—and all evidence points to him—a foggy Gabriel cannot be sure he didn’t do it. His penance: to be forever denied love. Then in modern-day New Orleans he meets forensic scientist Sara Michaels... 

I had never heard of Erin McCarthy when I picked this book up so I really wasn't sure what I was getting into but I loved the cover so I figured that I would give it a try.  I have to admit that I was blown away.  Ms. McCarthy's characters are so real and  her descriptions place you right in the scene.  I discovered after I finished FALLEN that it is actually the second book in a series however this book is so well written that I didn't feel as though I missed a thing by not reading that first book.  Of course though, now I have pick up the first one.   It does touch on the Christian mythos but not really enough to detract from the story.  I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys paranormal romance.

I rate this book a 4.


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