Oct 24, 2010


Sorry that I have been absent for the last few days.  Last night was TERRA's Annual Witch's Ball.  What is a Witch's Ball you ask?  It is both a party and a public ritual that we put on every year for Samhain.  You don't have to be pagan to attend but you do have to be open minded as the ritual is a big part of it.

I have worked at all but one of the Witch's Ball since they started ten years ago.  I love the event and even the work involved to get it off the ground but boy does it take time.  And boy I am tired the next day.  I went out and got groceries today.  By the time I was finished loading the groceries in the car, I realized just how tired I really am.

But boy was it worth it.  I just wish that my husband had taken pictures of me in my costume.


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