Jan 26, 2011

They call this relaxing?

A day off should be more relaxing.  And a day down is what my body requires with my fibro.  Well the best laid plans.

It should have been an easy day.  Just had to go pick up the tv that I had on layaway at Sears.  Did you know that Sears has a layaway?  I was very pleased to discover that fact.  So anyways, I got up and savored my first cup of tea.  Then put the pork roast in the crockpot so that I didn't have to worry about dinner later on.  That's when the first snag occurred.  My crockpot wouldn't turn on.  Okay no biggie.  I stopped by Target to get another.

I then discover that I left my wallet at home.  Good thing that DH was with me to pay.  Take the crockpot back home then off to Sears to pick up the tv.  Now I actually had good luck at Sears because I discovered a television, same brand and same specs, for $200 less than the one I had on layaway.  So I canceled the layaway and picked the other tv.

Now home, my husband starts putting it all together to discover that our surround sound system which happens to be 8 years old won't support the new TV or PS3.  No problemo.  I jump online to Best Buy to research a new one which I purchase to pick up at the store.  I very carefully researched this system to ensure that it had enough HDMI ports on it.

Two hours later, I am still waiting for the email stating that my system is ready to be picked up.  I finally call them and let it ring for 10 minutes.  No one answers.  I call again thru the Geek Squad and they answer immediately and get me to customer care.  I ask about my order.  I am told that it is held up at corporate and would be another 2 hours but they have a lot of the systems available if I just want to cancel that order and come down to purchase one.  So I do.

We pick up the system and are waiting to pay when I see a picture of the back of the unit.  It only has one HDMI in/output not the four promised.  I take to one of the representatives that states he doesn't have any systems with that many in/outputs unless I wanted to spend about $400 more.  Can you say bait and switch?

Luckily that saga ends well.  I have a friend that works at the Comcast booth in Best Buy and he pointed out the open box items  were an additional 30% off.  We ended up with a system with enough in/outputs and a lot of extra bells and whistles including an Ipod input.  Of course now I have to go back to KMart tomorrow and return the stereo I purchased.

Now DH is trying to set up the TV.  Oh and I had to order delivery because my roast is no where ready.  Now I need a day off to recover from my day off.

Oh and my rating for Best Buy is a 1.


  1. I've had issues with best buy i the past as well. Ah...such is life.

    How long have you had fibro? My brother has it, which I know is weird because totally doesn't fall into any of the normal categories for people who have it, but such is life.

  2. Oh I have had fibro for 10 years now. I usually manage just fine but come winter it acts up more.


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