Jan 3, 2011

Welcome to 2011!!

I just can't believe that I made it to the year 2011.

I remember when I was younger, I was positive that I wasn't going to be making it to year 2000.  After all, I would be over 30 then and everyone knows that life after 30 goes downhill.  So of course, it is better to live fast and hard with no thoughts to the future.   Aw if only I knew then what I know now.

This last decade has been a good one.  I meet my husband on January 20th of the year 2000.  We will have been married for 10 years in May.  I have made some good friends that I will keep forever.  We are purchasing our first real home.  I have achieved my dream job in being able to work from home working for a great company that I intend to retire from.  I have discovered that I am actually creative. 

I am not sure what will be in store for me this next decade.  I know things that I would like to see happen such as getting my jewelry business off of the ground.  Getting my health stabilized.  Traveling some.  I would like to go back to school.  Those are the things that I will be working and who knows what gems I will find along the way.


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