Mar 30, 2011

Randomness 2

  • Not quite sure how I am going to survive without a car.  I have always had one since I was 15.
  • BeiJing and the hubby are in a standoff...with me in the middle.
  • Is it just me or does that picture bring to mind 'My Little Pony'.
  • I also want to print it up and color it.
  • Why is it when I just have one quick errand to run that I end up being out for hours.
  • I found the cutest little strawberry jar at Lowes.  Perfect for my herbs.
  • Have all these wonderful ideas about turning the porch into an outdoor room but they will have to wait until I have the Kia back.
  • It's not April yet.  What's up with all the showers?  Enough already.
  • I wish that I knew where all my off time goes.
  • Only one more day working in the office.  So looking forward to not have to leave the house to go to work.
  • I hope that everyone had a great Hump Day.


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