Apr 24, 2011

Awesome Weekend!

I don't get to see much of my husband as we work opposite schedules so it is always a treat when we get time off together.  This time around, we had both taken a 4 day weekend so that we could go to Northwescon.  Well the con didn't work out but we have had fun.

On Friday, it started out irritatingly enough  with the bank that I have been banking with for 10 years suddenly deciding that it was going to put a 3 day hold on a check I deposited thru the ATM.  I don't know why they suddenly decided to do this but I went into the bank and threw a fit.  They removed the hold. 

And then we were going out to lunch and decided to go to Shari's as it was right next to the bank.  I decided on a senior Chopped salad.  The waitress refused to let me order that because I wasn't old enough.  Nevermind that I have been ordering off the senior menu for years.  All a sudden I am not old enough??  What was neat is that my peace loving husband was so in accord with me.  We just looked at each other and as one stated that we would go elsewhere to eat.  That's never happened before.

Yeah I know that I said that it was a wonderful weekend and all you see is doom and gloom.  Well things went uphill from there.  After leaving Shari's, we decided to check out a place at the Tacoma Mall.  BJ's Brewery was awesome!  Great  fun atmosphere, hubby loved the ale, the food was great and we ended up spending less then we would have at Shari's!  We then wandered about the Mall looking in shops.  I don't usually go to the Mall and to have my husband with me was fun.

We then went over a friend's house where I have been helping him edit his book.  Spent a few hours there with good people and worked.  Then off to the casino to a going away party for another friend.  I had fun in the casino but didn't spend much time with my friends as they showed up late and well it was too loud in the lounge with the music.

I think what really made my day was spending time with Saje.  Very enjoyable and relaxing.  There is more because we went out and had fun on Saturday also but this post is long enough.  I will have to write more tomorrow.


  1. Too bad about that restaurant and the jobsworth waitress! All the restaurants I know allow senior's menu choices simply because they are smaller servings.

  2. We're going on our ten year anniversary now... May 9th. It's great we still like spending time together (I actually think it helps that we're on different schedules--that way we appreciate it more when we do get time away together).


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