Apr 14, 2011

Book Review: Hidden Embers

Quinn Maquire, healer of the Dragonstar clan, has seen far too many deaths from this virus that was engineered by a rival clan.  Yet there is no way he will approve involving a human doctor in their plight.

HIDDEN EMBERS is the second of the A Dragon's Heat series however it does a fantastic job as a stand alone novel.  There are hints of what occurred in the first book but nothing that detracts from the story line.  So don't be loath to pick up just this book though chances are after you have read it that you will be picking up the rest.

Ms Adams has done a wonderful job with the characters in this book.  Quinn is all macho man who just doesn't want to admit that perhaps a human female might find something that he has missed about this virus.  And to add insult to injury when he meets her, Quinn is unable to keep his hands off of her. 

Jasmine is accustomed to working in all kinds of conditions as her job takes her wherever the hotbed for infectious diseases happen to be at the time.  Her last job was rather hard on her body though so she was put on leave to heal.  Healing is boring so when her friend asked her help, Jasmine jumped at the chance.  What she didn't expect is to find a testosterone laden man that pushes all the right buttons.

I really enjoyed HIDDEN EMBERS.  The byplay between the characters is right on and so amusing in places.  And the sex scenes are both tender and very hot.  I was slightly disappointed in the ending as it did conclude Quinn and Jasmine's arc but didn't give any idea of what was going to happen with their discovery about the virus.  I don't mind cliff hangers but give me enough to encourage me to get the next book.

I rate this book a 4


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