Apr 17, 2011


Utterly gorgeous weekend!  This is our first weekend without rain or gloom.  I recently read that you shouldn't plan before April 15th and boy were they right.  I just wish that I had jotted down who. 

In between getting ready for our potluck last night, my husband went out and planted the garden.  Now mind you, we are only planning a very small one as this will be our garden in this home.  And well I have never gardened and he hasn't in years, so small is the way to go.  He planted some onions, squash and a few other things.  I just can't recall what all he put in.  I am more concerned about the flowers and fruit.

I have a three blueberry bushes, a couple cherry bushes and a banana tree.  Next year, I want to put in a peach and an apple tree.  I don't think that I realized how much I liked the feeling that I can walk outside and pick something to eat.  At the last house, we had both pear and apple trees.  Now mind you I didn't care for either those apples or pears, it was just the thought.  At least this time, I will know that I like the fruit planted.

Actually I have a funny feeling that our garden will be much larger next year.  I like the thought that for a little work, I can cut down on the grocery bill.  I don't know about you but I cringe when the register rings up my purchases at my local market.

Oh and that flower bed that I have been working on....well it is done.  Now I just need to cross my fingers and hope that it all comes up.  I would love to have fresh flowers for the house.

Good news as far as Kits is concerned.  The masses appear to be noncancerous.  It is a worry the speed that they appeared and spread but they appear to consist of fat cells.

Now I get to do my taxes.  Yeah I procrastinated.  It's really kinda silly when you consider that they take me like 30 minutes with the software but I still put it off.

I hope that everyone else had a great weekend.


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