Apr 4, 2011


As I last posted, I went up to Snoqualmie Falls on Saturday.  I was supposed to be meeting a group of people that are working with an author to edit the book.  I have to admit that I have edited a lot of books but never one by committee.  It is actually kinda fun as it forces me to get out and also socialize some.

Well anyways, I made it to the Lodge that we were all supposed to be meeting at and called to find out the room number.  Well I did a boo boo.  We aren't meeting there until Mar. 30th.  So I then had to drive to the house that we were meeting at.

At least it was a nice drive.  Especially since I was driving the hubby's Tiberon.  I have to laugh at him though because he gets so nervous when I am driving it even though it was originally my car and I do know how to drive it.


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