Apr 9, 2011


Now that we have a house, I have big plans for the yard.  Ya know, cutting beds, outdoor rooms and oh of course a vegetable garden.  I don't have to worry about the vegetable garden as the guys are handling that part.  But the flowers....that is all me. 

So I got a packet of seeds that are supposed to make a wonderful cutting garden along with some day lilys.  I had mapped out this 6x6x12 triangle in the corner of the front yard and tried to get to work.  First up was removing the grass...errrk...sudden stop.  I can't even get the shovel thru the grass to cut it out.  Okay time to rethink this.  I go and get the DH so that he can cut out the grass.  Now of course he has to work so can only break up the grass for about 15 minutes.  Pull out what he cut up for me.

Time to go sit down and read.  Can't do anything until Saje is home to help.  That is until David, the roommate comes out and offers to help.  Great we are on the road again.  That is until we discover bricks.  Apparently someone had a flower bed here at some time or another.

Time to regroup.  Okay now my flower bed goes from a larger bed to one that is 2x8.  Sigh.  Though apparently that is a good thing.  David worked on breaking up the sod and we only got like 2x2 done.  Gonna have to work some more on it today.

I am determined to have a beautiful yard.  Good thing that plans I have don't need to be done all this year as they involve in investing in a hot tub and all.  Might take ten years to complete but I figure that I can't retire for another twenty-three years.  And that is hopefully because by that time the government might have changed the retirement age.

Oh and the ouch.  I discovered muscles that I had forgotten about.


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