May 24, 2011

Productive Times

I have been really slacking on my jewelry even though I now have a dedicated studio.  One thing that I discovered is that it is darn cold in there during the winter.  Next year I am definitely going to get one of those larger heaters so that my hands don't freeze. 

However now that it is warming up, I have started to get back into the groove.  I have finished up a couple necklaces.  One will be for stock for when I finally get my storefront set up and the other is to donate to a silent auction for a friend that is trying to raise money for a service dog for her daughter.

I actually feel as though I have accomplished something in completing those.  This winter I have been working on some kumihino however I haven't finished the ends on any of those.

I haven't taken any pics yet but I will be sure to do so and share them with you all.

Have a great day!


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