May 20, 2011

Three Beautiful Things Part 3

I have been getting this posts ready on Thursdays and scheduling them to post on Fridays.  Well this week my days have gotten confused since I spent a few days on Perkoset due to my fall.  Oh on the fall, I bruised some muscles and my pelvic bone but nothing was broken.  Now onto my beautiful things.

1.  My flower bed.  It is the first time that I have tried to plant one and now that we are getting some beautiful weather, it is really starting to come up.  I can hardly wait to see the flowers.

2.  My husband.  He likes people for the most part but he gets enough of them at his job since he works retail.  So when he gets home, he really doesn't want to see anyone but me.  Yet when a friend asked us if we could provide a room for one of her friends in exchange for some work around the house, he immediately agreed.

3.  The weather!  We are finally getting some pretty weather.  It took long enough to arrive but we have finally had a day in the 70's.  It looks like we might have another today and I am sure hoping that tomorrow cooperates as we are planning a BBQ.


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