Jun 1, 2011

Just Relaxing

Today almost feels like a continuation of the weekend especially since I had to work yesterday and then today I was off.  I have been puttering about in the kitchen making up a potatoe salad and trying to catch up on my email while cuddling with my critters.  I just wish that I had a lion.  Oh and I have typed up a couple tea reviews so I guess that my relaxing is actually quite busy.

I also have a necklace that I have to start on since we are doing a web reveal this saturday.  I have been having a bit of a problem with this necklace.  My swap partner sent me all kinds of goodies and I just have too many ideas running about in my mind.  I have to get settled on one idea and get started.  Never thought that I would grumble when my muse is too active.  Ah well....

I hope that everyone had a relaxing weekend that is carrying over into the week.  Those are really the best kind.


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