Jun 13, 2011

Sense of Accomplishment

I love it when I actually feel as though I have accomplished what I set out to do or in this case a bit more then I had planned.  Let me back up a bit.

I tend to purchase a lot of my beading supplies on impulse.  Which is all well and good except for the fact that I end up repurchasing a lot because I had ran out of storage so everything was crammed together.  So I decided that I need to start picking up some storage units especially for my brass as I have found a new supplier with killer deals that I can't resist.

I picked up this storage unit from Fire Mountain Beads

It has little dividers that I can set up as I need with up to 96 compartments!  Just what the doctor ordered. 

So yesterday I put on one of my audio books and organized my copper.  I even went on and organized some of my crystal into an old spice rack I had.  I think that I need to start hitting GoodWill and find some more of those.

Oh and as a side benefit, I had a necklace hanging around that I had ran out of bead caps for.  And I couldn't remember where I had ordered them from so that I could replace them.  Well in my organizing spree, I managed to find another package of them so I finished that necklace and started another.  How is that for a productive Sunday?

So how was your weekend?


  1. This is very useful. My father use such place for different instruments and it was amazing. Thanks for sharing it

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  2. I've also been organizing! It is so good to be able to find things easily


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