Jul 9, 2011

Beautiful Things

Oops.  I lost track of time this week.  I mean really lost track of time.  I was busy posting yesterday and forgot that it was Friday.  At least this post is only a day late.  Ever get the felling that me and schedules have issues?  I really need to drop this into my Outlook so that I remember.  I love my Outlook and tend to rely on it more and more as I get older.  Well here it goes.

1.  My engine finally arrived and passed the roomie's inspection.  Hopefully that means that I will have my own car back soon.  I really hate sharing a car because I tend to do things on the spur of the moment.

2.  My squash is starting to produce!  The rest of the garden isn't doing anything though. I guess that is okay as this year was more an experiment.  I don't think that we will be planting along the side of the house next year.  The squash are in containers in the back and they love the sun there so I think that I will get some of those premade raised beds and plant my garden in those next year.

3.  Kitsune cuddles.  This dog has never been a cuddler though that is changing as he gets older.  I know that dogs are supposed to live in the moment but it is almost as he knows that his time is growing limited and he wants all the love he can get now.


  1. Yeah, I often lose track of time too! Your comment about older pets being more affectionate is true. Our older cats tend to seek more attention when they get old.


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