Jul 15, 2011

Beautiful Things

Hey I am finally on time for this posting.  And I even forgot to drop it into my outlook.  Hmm think that I will do that right now so that I don't forget again.  Okay that is all done so I won't have an excuse in the future for not getting this post out on time.  Now onto the things that I am thankful for or found beautiful.

1.  Friends.  I have a good friend named Liz that did a totally wonderful thing last night for a member of our household.  I don't want to say just what it was but she knows.  I just wanted to acknowledge how special a person that she really is.

2.  Medication.  Better living thru pills.  My fibro has really been acting up this week and I find it a totally beautiful thing when my pain pills reduce that pain down to a manageable level.

3.  BeiJing.  She is such a momma dog even though she has never had any puppies.  She will chase down the cats to make sure that they are groomed and the other dogs had better make sure that they don't stay in one place for very long.  I actually have a cat that loves being groomed and he will walk up to Jing to demand it.


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