Jul 3, 2011

Three Beautiful Things

I do apologize for this post being so late.  I always take off from work from the 1st of July thru the 4th for my birthday and that threw my schedule totally off.  Since I haven't really gotten moving yet this morning, I thought that I had better get it up especially as I have been told by a friend that I was lacking as she loves reading my posts.

1.  Massage.  I am finally back on a regular schedule with my massage therapist and I can really tell the difference.  My fibro was really acting up without the massage.  It really is a beautiful thing to be able to stretch again without muscle spasms.

2.  Working in the earth.  I went out yesterday and spent a couple hours at the herb garden.  I had totally forgotten that I had promised to do so & when I received the call asking if I needed a ride, I had only slept for about 6 hours.  Now I am one of these people that can't function on less then 8 hours sleep but once I started working in the dirt, the energy that Gaia shared woke me right up.

3.  Having a husband that totally gets me.  Saje gave me my gifts early and they were perfect.  He gave me a really nice teapot and a CD (and I can't recall the singer's name and it is down in my studio) that is very bluesy and just prefect for my tastes.


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