Aug 5, 2011

Beautiful Things

Reuben Knoblauch Heritage Park, Sumner, Washin...Image via WikipediaYep it's Friday again and for some reason this week has really gone by quickly.  I would have missed this post for sure if I didn't have my reminders set up as it really feels like Thursday.

1.  Sumner.  I had to take my roommate out there on Wednesday and it is a beautiful little town with lots of antique stores.  I am going to have to go back and really explore.  I had BeiJing with me so I didn't..this time around.

2.  My closet!  I don't know that happened last night but I had a burst of energy and along with cleaning up the kitchen and making potato salad, I cleaned out my closet.  I can't believe how much space I have now.  Don't tell my hubby but now I have fill it back up.  This time though with clothes that fit. 

3.  My weight.  This relates to #2.  One reason that my closet is so empty is that a good portion of the clothes don't fit any longer.  I knew that I had lost weight but it really hits when I try on some clothes from a few years ago and they hang on me.  Especially the dresses.  I don't tend to wear dresses because my job no longer requires it especially since I work at home.  Now I just need to find a sexy black wait... I am not wearing black anymore but a sexy brown dress just doesn't sound the same.


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