Aug 12, 2011

Beautiful Things

Small tomatoes in KoreaImage via WikipediaTime to list some things that made me smile this week and it has been a trying week with the plumbing issues on Sunday.  Thankfully the rest of the week improved.

1.  Tomatoes!  I have never grown tomatoes before and I was pretty sure that my attempt this year failed.  However all the sun we got last week really helped and I have tomatoes.  Now as to whether they will get enough sun to turn red is another question.  Maybe I need to look up recipes for green tomatoes.

2.  Friends.  When my plumbing went out, I immediately called Dustin.  He took charge and dealt with the situation though he did have to be reined in a couple times.  I had help with the reining from another friend that came out to help.  Times like that really shows you who your friends are.

3.  My cat Monster.  He has been escaping and staying out all night lately so we have grounded him.  Some of his antics to find a way outside are really amusing.


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