Aug 27, 2011

Beautiful Things

I am running a bit late this week.  It was just too busy yesterday to post this but here we are.

1.  Went out to for Thai food last night, all four of us and had a wonderful time.  Good conversation and good company though the roommate was surprised that his share came to $20.  Not too sure where he usually eats but that is pretty low considering where we usually go out to.

2.  I think that I am finally figuring out the new requirements for work.  I have been having issues with the new way they want us to sell and it has been worrying me.

3.  The stepkid is going home today but I actually enjoyed having him here.  Surprised me.  Looks like he will be coming back to live.


  1. So happy to hear things went so well with your step son :) told you you'd be fine ;)

    I can understand your roommates reaction. I tend to temper my eating out to suit my budget as well as my cravings and yet even when I KNOW the bill is going to up there, seeing it on paper is still a shock lol We always get separate bills though rather then splitting it... splitting it always ends up with people grumbling.


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