Aug 17, 2011

BSBP Goodies!!

My goodies arrived today and I am totally blown away with the thought that Skye put into the ingredients.  What I really loved is the hand-written letter I got that explains all of her choices.   I can already tell that I am going to have lots of fun with this soup or should I say soups.  I am going to end up with at least three probably four or five different servings here.

And without further ado here are some pics of my 'ingredients'.


  1. Yummy ingredients! Can't wait to see what you cook up! :-)

  2. lol told you I wouldn't believe the 1-2 weeks deadline the post office gave me. That didn't even take a full week! 6 days! lol

    Glad you like it :) I noticed you used very little white in your work and a lot of chain...I expect you'll still toss some chain into the mix but I added in some light silver filigrees to keep the metal you add on the brighter side ;) lol

    oh... and I'm doubly glad you could read my writing >.< lol

  3. It looks like a seabreeze.
    You're going to have some fun!

  4. What a delectable set of creations this will make !! She was very generous!!! That is what I truly love about us Bead Artists- we love to share our beads!!!!!


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