Aug 25, 2011

Ingredients finally arrived!!!

My partner for this BSBP is in Canada and I was really starting to get worried about the goodies that I had sent.  You see, I had mailed them out priority on 9/13 and was told that by the nice lady at the post office that it would only take 6 to 8 days for them to arrive.  I guess that they don't know how to count as they just arrived today,

So now that my partner has oohed and awed over the goodies, I can show you what I sent.

I hope that Skye has a lot of fun with them.


  1. Very cool! You could add virtually any color to that!

  2. *rubs hands together gleefully* Have them sorted out into 'project piles' and keep trying them out beside other beads and chains and stuff to see if anything clicks lol Still have like three different design ideas in my head for the square donut though >.< lol

    Am I working on one of the ones that the design is a bit more sure? No...I'm waiting on the donut to take shape.. silly me lol


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