Aug 3, 2011

Treating yourself

A small tea pot filled with loose leaf OolongImage via WikipediaIn order to stay sane in today's world, it really is necessary to take time out of the busy week and treat yourself.  It really does help to recharge the batteries. 

My favorite way to treat myself is to brew up a pot of really good oolong tea and see what comes after.  Today I have the house to myself so I am getting a chance to catch up on my blogs.  Very peaceful and relaxing, at least until the dogs start barking.  Other times I go down to my studio and play.  Or I might be reading a really good book.  Or dreaming over a jewelry guide.  Right now it happens to be one on micro-macrame for jewelry.

There are a couple common themes in all of them though.  I am usually along or in my own world and brewing that pot of tea is always the first step.

My question to you is what do you do when you take time out for yourself?


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