Sep 16, 2011

Beautiful Things

This morning was the first time I have considered turning on the heat this year so considering just how much of a warm weather creature I am, I have had to wrack my brain for this post.  But then the ideas kept coming...

1.  I finished up the last necklace for the Bead Soup Blog Party and I have it all set up and ready to go up tonight at midnight.  I actually took the best pictures of the jewelry that I have so far.  My camera apparently prefers cloudy days.  Go figure.  So be sure to pop back and take a look.  I even have a contest going for the party.

2.  Wednesday was my dear husband's 45th birthday.  We both had the day off and I really enjoyed spending the time with him.  It was quiet and full of warmth.

3.  It's time to start harvesting some of my tomatoes!  I know that I keep going on about that but this is my first garden and the only thing that really grew was my squash and my tomatoes.


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