Sep 20, 2011

Thank you!

I want to thank everyone for your kind comments.  I just love the different perspectives on my jewelry.  It has really caused me to look at the pieces in a different ways.  This blog hop has been an absolute blast and part of what has caused it to be so was the way I have had to break out of my shell. 

And I want to really thank my swap partner Skye for that.  Her challenges and encouragement has really helped in this process.  And the best part, she has become a friend.


  1. the feelings are mutual, hun :) Your challenges helped me branch out into a whole new style and out look :) I'm glad I could offer the same to you :)

    btw, I love your new photos, right down to the collage you post them in to show them off! The soft light from it being overcast working for you, tells me you'd benefit from making one of these light boxes since that's what they do ; soften the light. That way you can take gorgeous photos inside too ;)


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