Nov 4, 2011

Beautiful Things

I can't believe that it is Friday already.  Well actually Thursday evening but since I am working in the office I have to do this post up in advance.

1.  This week has sure gone quickly,  Being back to work has a lot to do with that.  Especially as I am working in the office so when I get home it is a mad scramble to look at my email.  I am really looking forward to this weekend so that I can catch up again.

2.  I won a beautiful pair of earrings and a $50 gift certificate from Marsha Neal Studios.  I picked out all kinds of silk ribbons and had so much fun doing so.

3.  I got in some new teas from American Tea Room and they are so good.  I really recommend the Calypso.  It makes a wonderful iced tea and is also yummy hot,


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