Nov 11, 2011

Beautiful Things

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Where has all the time gone?  It’s nice to have the week go by so quickly except for the fact that I am feeling as though I am falling so far behind.  I finished up the latest book my Nalini Singh and I really have to find the time to write up a review for it.  The good news is that even though the week has gone so quickly, I definitely have found things that cause me to smile.

1.        The first and most important one is that my numbers at work are finally becoming acceptable.  They had changed how everything was measured here and I have been struggling to meet the four different metric numbers.  Things are finally improving and I am getting into my new sales groove.

2.       One thing guaranteed to put a smile on a tea lover’s face is to receive a surprise package filled with teas.  And they are my favorites, Taiwanese Oolongs.

3.       I have joined another blog challenge and last night I went down and completed the one necklace required.  Now I do have a couple more in mind but I have that one finished so I am ready if anything happens to come up.


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