Dec 28, 2011


Focus 8
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One idea that I have ran across in several blogs is to choose a word to symbolize where you want to go in the next year.  I spent quite a while pondering my word because I really felt that the first word that came to mind just couldn't be the first right one.  But you know I should have just gone with my first instinct.

As you can probably guess, my word is focus.  The things that I really want to concentrate is on my photography and on spending more time on my jewelry.  And focus definitely applies to both.  And I wanted to put my word out in the universe so that I can be held accountable.

I don't do resolutions but I do have some personal goals for myself.  One thing I intend to do is enter all of the monthly contests that are held on Art Bead Scene.  I also am planning on participating in as many Bead Soups as I can.  That one all depends on whether I get drawn in the lottery.  Oh and entering as many jewelry challenges as I can.  I find that they really push myself to grow.

I also plan on taking at least one class each quarter at my local bead shop.  There are a lot of places where I could stand to improve my skill.  I also want to take a class on photography.  Or since I don't have a lot of time perhaps I can take an e-class instead.

My actual goal is to have a shop set up on Artfire by the Christmas shopping season next year.  Everyone that has seen my jewelry have been rather impressed so now it is time to make it available to everyone.

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